Time to see yourself in a different light?

Anxiety is a monster that you cannot see. Anxiety is generally a healthy human response to aid in situations. For example, if there is a big snake in front of you, your body starts a physical response to help you in the fight/ flight response, to escape or leave the potentially dangerous situation. Or if there is a big examination, your anxiety may drive you to prepare for it, study harder and ace the test.

However sometimes there is no physical threat such as a snake or an exam, but we still feel that anxiety. There is no need for our bodies to physically respond but it does anyway for what seems like no reason.

Sometimes the demands in life are just too much and we feel overwhelmed which can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. This can be addressed through calming techniques, and practical solutions in addition to therapy.  Anxiety may stem from a feeling of lack of control of our environment and when we do not feel in control, we do not feel safe.

Sometimes however our anxiety may be debilitating, and more significant intervention is required in addition to therapy.

Like with generalized anxiety disorder:

The anxiety lingers, there is a feeling of being anxious over most things in life, and what could be, hypotheticals. There Is not one thing causing us stress, but everything is.

Panic attacks may occur when anxiety becomes overwhelming, and you are unable to manage it. It often is referred to as feeling like a heart attack. Panic attacks can be stressful and cause great distress to the individual and those around them.

PTSD is prevalent in our country and is on the rise due to violent crimes and witnessing crimes. Flash backs of the traumatic event, reliving the moment, nightmare, being triggered by things that remind you of the event and avoiding certain places or things that could cause a trigger are a few symptoms of the condition. PTSD is a response to trauma that can be completely debilitating and cause significant distress.

It is important to note that there are different types of anxiety disorders and different severities, however if you feel anxious and uncomfortable then you should seek help for it. Do not compare yourself to others or how you should feel. If you feel there is a negative impact on your life, that is what matters and that is when you should reach out for help.